Notes from the Manager

Thank you to those who attended our Annual Meeting, I hope you found it informative, and exciting as plans for the upcoming season were shared.

As March roars in like a lion, we have a number of projects happening to prepare for a fantastic 2018 summer. First, the new boiler installation began on March 12th. This boiler is a dual-heating system designed by RayPak, and will be installed by a local and highly reputable company, Orca Pacific. The new system will be more efficient and offers the redundancy of two separate units that we believe will allow for us to never be without warm water.

Second, we are making needed repairs to the pool tiles and grout and cleaning the bottom and sides of the entire pool. This work is scheduled to begin on March 19th. As you drive or run by on the Burke, you may notice the pool has been drained to prepare for these repairs, and this empty state also allows for us to inspect the main drain and determine if any additional repair is needed. Both projects are forecasted to be completed by the first week in April, allowing us plenty of time to prepare the water for opening day: scheduled for May 1st!

One more project in the works which I hope will be ready by opening day is a set a pool covers. These covers are manufactured to spec for our pool and will provide a significant cost savings in our pool operations. In fact, we are one of the last/only pools to not have pool covers…! With the estimated decrease in operating costs (water, chemicals and heat), our overall capital outlay was lowered by a subsidy received from Puget Sound Energy (“PSE”). PSE recognizes and rewards businesses and operations who are taking steps to be more energy efficient by offering custom grants. Our grant will cover 70% of the cost of our new pool covers and 20% of our new and upgraded boiler. The combination of the covers and updated boiler will save us tens of thousands over the years to come. I’m thrilled and excited!

Next, here’s an invitation to put your painting hats on. The Annual Work Party is scheduled for late April – see dates inside these Pool Cues. While painting will be one of our main focuses, we will also have the usual chores of weeding, removal of blackberry bushes, power washing and general cleaning of the grounds, furniture and equipment, to prepare the facility. I will also order a few yards of mulch and rock to beautify the grounds and add a new dry rock bed to help with the rain water runoff. Come on down, ready to work and say hey to your fellow members. Should be fun! This year, extra tools that would be appreciated if you’re willing to share, are: wheel barrels, shovels and power washers. That plus high energy and group effort will help to make the jobs run more efficiently.

Last year was a terrific year of learning this new role. We worked hard during the off-season in preparation for my second year, and I am super excited for what lies ahead. We’re turning 60!

Can’t wait for Summer, 2018!
Bruce Gillespie, Club Manager