Members Only:
The club does rent out the facility to school groups prior to the 3:00 opening during the spring. We look at this as one of the benefits of memberships. The club wants to offer this service, not lose money, and minimize the impact on the facility. As these end of the year celebrations have grown in popularity, dates have become competitive. Over the years we continue to fine tune a system that tries to be fair and efficient.

Here’s how it works:

Email the pool address ( any time between April 1 and April 6. Include a list of choices for dates. Also include a number between 1 and 100. On April 8th we'll pick the "magic number" and process the requests based on what you sent us in your email. We'll start with "closest to" in either direction - one email per group please!

  • You will be billed for the time the group is scheduled to arrive at the facility and the time that the group leaves the facility (not the time they are in the water).

  • Groups need to be out of the facility by 2:30 pm.

  • Your group is responsible for cleaning up, including taking bags to the dumpster. Otherwise a cleanup fee of $75 will be charged.

  • Your club account will be billed.

  • All rentals are subject to staff availability. We might not know who is in town and able to work until mid April.

Rate: $125 per hour.

Preseason Pool Rentals