Wait List - Payment Details

The total cost for the initial membership fee plus yearly dues is $5,975, as follows:

Capital dues began 6 years ago to finance the new facility and are expected to last a total of 15 years. Half of these payments are added to member equity, i.e., a member selling this year will receive $3,050 while last year it was $2,800.

Following is the payment schedule for the $5,975 in dues and fees:

Why so expensive? One of the issues when remodeling our kind of facility is to make sure that the costs are spread out. Members 6 years ago would never have voted to borrow the money needed if they had to pay the entire amount - and then sell a few years later. For instance, every member was assessed $1,000 the first year. When you buy a membership your intial fees will pay the member who is selling. When you sell years from now, the person from the wait list will pay you back the $1,000. The club had to borrow 2 milllion. Every member pays $500 a year to cover this cost. However, they will get back $250 of this when they sell. The upfront costs will go up $250 each year, but most of that will be refunded upon sale. The club takes a "transfer fee" of $1700 that goes into pool improvements/maintenance, but has not changed in decades.