Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Members

I understand there are boundaries to become a member. What are they?

Any person over the age of 18 residing in Seattle when a membership becomes available for purchase is eligible. The VRSTC Membership Area boundaries are: North end (Northeast 110th Street); West Side (25th Avenue Northeast); South end (Lake Washington Ship Canal); and East side (Lake Washington). “Reside”, for the purpose of this policy means to occupy a house, condominium or apartment, as one’s legal domicile.

What if I’m not in the area now, but plan on moving in soon?

A person does not have to reside within the VRSTC Membership Area to place their name on the waiting list, but they must reside in the VRSTC Membership Area at the time a membership is offered and accepted.

How do I get on the list?

Waitlist information can be found here.

How does the Wait List work?

When a membership becomes available, it will be offered to the first person on the Wait List. This person will have seven days to decide whether to accept the offer. This person can request a one-year deferment. A deferment is a one-time opportunity – it is only available and can be used, once. When deferment is elected, the membership offer must be accepted the following year, or be declined. If declined, the person is no longer on the wait list and must “start over” with a new application and the wait list fee at that time. Previously paid waitlist fees will not be carried forward in such an event.

What are the fees?

New members pay a membership ownership equity fee, a transfer fee, upcoming year’s annual dues, and any other fees that are incurred throughout a season or may be applicable at the time of membership. A portion of the fees paid when joining are retained by VRSTC and a portion is paid by VRSTC to the selling member. Membership joining fees change annually. Click here to see current fees.

How long will I have to wait to become a member?

Like other pools in our area, VRSTC’s waiting list has grown each year – both in number of people and length of time reported for waiting. We cannot predict what the wait will be, but recent new members have reported to have waited 13 years to join. We typically average 15-20 open memberships each season.

How can I find out about my wait list status? I used to get a postcard every year, but now I don’t.

The wait list is available here at any time. It is managed by a volunteer board member and is constantly updated. Significant movement typically occurs in the springtime, before the summer season begins.

I am on the wait list but have moved, changed my email, phone numbers, etc. Do I need to keep my contact info updated? How?

YES! Please update your information (info here on doing so). It is YOUR responsibility to inform us of any updated information including your address, phone number, email. This email address is our primary form of communication with the wait list, so it is important that you use it and keep us current. If we do not have current contact information or do not hear back from you when we reach out to you with a membership offer, you may be skipped and removed from the wait list.

I have other questions about the wait list and membership. How can I get answers?

First, please review our website, specifically the membership and fees sections. If you still have questions, please contact



What happens in cases of divorce? Who gets the membership?

Membership in View Ridge Swim and Tennis Club is, and always has been, based on the understanding that a membership is an indivisible privilege owned by one family living together at one residence. In the case of divorce or separation, it is not possible to have the membership “split” between former partners. The partners must choose which one will retain the membership and inform the club of this decision.

Can we sell our membership with our house?

Yes, members can “sell” their VRSTC membership along with a house sale to someone buying their house, so long as the house is inside the club boundaries. The VRSTC Membership is the property of the Club, not the member, therefore the transaction price between the Club and the seller, is what is published at the time of the house sale transaction. If a homeowner and buyer of the home negotiate a price for the membership, that is between those two parties, not the club. The transaction price will remain the published membership price regardless of what the negotiations are as a part of the home sale. Any membership sale decision must be closed at the same time as the house sale. The club will be paid the current transfer fee at the time of sale. Note that the selling member must have an active membership to sell (not inactive or alumni status).

Who can use our membership? Is it available to all our kids?

According to the VRSTC Bylaws, membership covers family members “residing” in the house. By “residing” they are immediate family, and it is their principal legal residence. The following clarifications have been provided by the Board:

  • All members’ children until they reach the age of 26, are considered members, regardless of where they live. Once a members’ child is over the age of 26, they are no longer be eligible members even if their parents are still members of the club and will be removed from the sign-in database. If we do not have a birthdate, we assume that person is over 26. So please provide your children’s birthdates!
  • If a members’ child is over the age of 26 and resides at the members’ home, they can use the pool and facilities by having the member fill out a form which will keep them active on the sign-in computer. Forms are available at the pool office.
  • Live in additions – grandparents, babysitters, Au Pairs, etc. – can be registered yearly as “house guests” and sign in on the guest register when they come to the pool.

Can we sell our membership to our children?

Members can sell to a single child so long as she or he live within the pool boundaries. The club must be notified of all transfers and will receive the transfer fee.

What is Alumni Status?

Families with 20 years of continuous membership can opt to sell their membership back to the club and receive Alumni Status. As an Alumni Member, they have full use of the facility, including bringing guests, attending all events and activities, etc. Alumni members may not vote at the Annual Meeting or volunteer for Board positions but are invited to participate fully in any other capacity. Alumni Members currently pay 1/3 of regular annual dues – operating and capital. This status continues so long as payment is made each year. Alumni status memberships are not transferable and cannot be sold.

I’m renting out my house, or rooms in my house for the summer. Can my renter(s) use the pool?

Sorry, this is not allowed. VRSTC Membership is for a member and their immediate family members residing with them (see limits for children over the age of 26, and exceptions for grandparents residing in the same house.) Memberships can be sold with a house, but use does not come ‘with’ a house. Household members do not include renters.

How about my house-sitter?

Taking care of the plants and pets does not give your house-sitter pool privileges.

Can I sell my membership to my son or daughter and then become an alumni member?

This is not possible. To become an alumni member, you must sell your membership back to the club. You would then have no membership to sell to your children.

How does going on the inactive list affect my years of membership that count towards alumni status?

The Bylaws permit members to become alumni members after 20 years of “continuous membership.” Although this language could be read to mean “consecutive” years, the Board has interpreted this language to mean only that you must have been an active member for a total of 20 years. Thus, any year that you are inactive does not count toward the 20 years, but your 20 years do not have to be consecutive.

If we move outside the club boundaries, can we retain our membership?

Yes, you can retain your membership if you move outside the boundaries.

Once a member, am I always a member until I sell my membership?

Yes, except if your account balance is unpaid and remains unpaid with no activity or attempt to communicate with the Board. In the event your account is in such financial standing, the Club Bylaws allow the Board a 2/3 vote to revoke your membership. If you find yourself in a financial situation, please reach out to the Board. Your situation will remain confidential to work on a resolution.

How do I sell my membership?

If you are ready to sell your membership, send a letter expressing your request to the club’s P.O. Box by the date indicated in the annual membership letter. Your account balance will need to be current, or any unpaid balance will be netted against your ownership equity that is refunded to you. Upon the sale of membership, you will receive the current balance of ownership equity (less any unpaid account balances) and your membership will be sold to the next person on the wait list. Members who are on the inactive list must first become active before being eligible to sell their membership.

Membership, while simple, can have some nuances that may not be addressed in the FAQs. If you have a question that is not addressed above or needs additional clarification or discussion, please email or