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Guest Pass

Purchase guest passes and we’ll load them into your account. These will be used when you check guests at the front desk and for guest players on the tennis courts.

5 Pack - $35.00
10 Pack - $70.00
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Sponsor a Swim Lesson

Sponsor a swim lesson for a youth from a local community.

1 sponsored swim lesson - $85.00
2 sponsored swim lessons - $170.00
3 sponsored swim lessons - $255.00
4 sponsored swim lessons - $340.00
5 sponsored swim lessons - $425.00

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This lesson is non-tax deductible.

Water Aerobics Passes

Pass packs to attend water aerobics classes for a VRSTC member. Makes signing up for water aerobics classes online through the website fast and easy.

Water Aerobics - 1 one-hour session - $5.00
Water Aerobics - 2 one-hour sessions - $10.00
Water Aerobics - 3 one-hour sessions - $15.00
Water Aerobics - 4 one-hour sessions - $20.00
Water Aerobics - 5 one-hour sessions - $25.00
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Passes can be used when signing up for a class online or if a guard signs you up in the office. A purchased pass is automatically deducted during sign up and if you change your mind and cancel (or if the class is cancelled for some reason) it is automatically credited back to you. Purchased water aerobics passes are pooled and shared by the whole family. You can see how many water aerobics passes your membership has during class sign up or in the member dashboard.